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Discussion in 'Armenia' started by Bebo, Jun 6, 2013.

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    Mini vans are the way to go in Armenia since the country hasn't got a proper bus netwrok system. There are trains but they dont run very regularly (every second day or so). I suggest going with a local tour operator to explore Armenia as tours are reasonably priced. If you are staying in hostels in Yerevan, they always offer tourists free walking tours of Yerevan.
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    This is true for most of Armenia but in Yerevan you won't have issues getting around because there are plenty of taxi cabs, buses, minibuses, trolleybuses and trams. Minivans (aka "Marshrutka") are easily the cheapest mode of transport costing less than 50 cents per trip.
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    Driving in Armenia reminds so much to Italy in the way locals drive so crazily and have a tendency to flout traffic regulations and ignore signals. If you're going to use taxis, don't get into a taxi until you negotiate the fare to avoid being ripped off (most taxi fares to any parts of the cities should not cost more than 4,000 Armenian drams ($8).

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