Tips for getting around Kiev

Discussion in 'Ukraine' started by Zpacd, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Zpacd

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    Before heading out to explore the city I suggest grabbing Kiev Tour Guide map book to help you navigate the city faster. You can walk to most places but you'll need to catch a taxi now and then. Kiev has official company taxis and ‘gypsy cabs’. I preferred using ‘gypsy cabs’ because you can negotiate fares with drivers. Other than that, you have normal buses and trolley buses which are nice but are always crowded during peak hours.
  2. narina12

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    Kiev is pretty straight forward to navigate but outside of Kiev is another story. by the way, there are other transport options in Ukraine like metros and "Marshrutkas" or communal taxis. They're slightly more expensive than public transport but very convenient.


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