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Discussion in 'Napa Valley' started by VacationBuddy, Jul 10, 2014.

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    Don’t try to cram visits to all your favorite vineyards into a single trip. I know I tried to do 10 wineries in one day last time I was there but it was a mistake. I advise to take it easy and visit maybe 2-3 wineries to allow for more down time and relaxing. By the way, after a couple of tastings, your palette becomes desensitized, so if you are doing 8 wineries in one day it'll be a bit of a waste.
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    Not all wine tasting experiences are the same in Napa. You can either do tastings standing at a bar, seated tastings that feel like fancy dinner parties, barrel tastings, wine blending and food pairings. If you plan to take a winery tour, bring a small jacket to wear because underground it's quite nippy. Also, wear comfortable shoes for the vineyards.
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    when to visit Napa

    Avoid Napa in Summer because it brings huge crowds that will remind you of Christmas at Costco. Last thing you want is standing in lines, fighting for a spot at the tasting bar! Instead, come to Napa in September or October. Tasting will be much cheaper, fewer crowds, nicer weather, etc.

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