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    I am planning a trip to Bahrain with my spouse. It will be a brief visit of 3 days. I have heard so much about Bahrain and it's culture. I am planning to get a stay in Manama and see around the city and neighbouring villages. I thought Westin Hotel connected to City Centre Bahrain would be good. The itinerary is almost complete.
    My wife is not very comfortable in high temperatures. We have never experienced a desert environment. I would like to know what precautions other than sunscreen should be taken our trip to Bahrain. Any other tips for our trip will also be appreciated.
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    Bahrain is a hot destination, and especially from April to October, the temperature will be very high, and may reach 48 °C in June & July. The best time to visit Bahrain is between mid-November & mid-March, so you can plan during this time. And if you plan in Summer then Sunscreen is the main way to protect your skin during daytime. But better avoid to go out during the hottest time of the day, that is between 11am & 3pm. But if you're in shady area like shopping malls or other attractions, then try to be in more shaded areas. Visit the beaches after 5pm, so that you can enjoy the climate as well as swimming. Manama has many tourist attractions, so you can't avoid anything. You can buy a Sun hat and dresses with UPF 50+ sun protection to avoid sun burns. Better wear long sleeved shirts and long pants instead of short dresses. Bahrain offers luxury spa treatments, so try one of the best spas, relax and have a nice time at Manama.
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    Don't miss to do shopping at Manama! Especially at the Seef Area which is a very famous place for shopping. You can find nice restaurants and variety of shopping options as well as cinemas and an indoor theme park called Magic Island which provides entertainment and excitement to all ages.

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