tips for renting a car in Argentina

Discussion in 'Argentina' started by querazer, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. querazer

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    Argentina is probably one of the easiest places to rent a car in the world because you you don’t need an international permit. Your valid driver’s license from home, plus a credit card, and being over 21 is all you need. Saying this, renting a car in Argentina is expensive (very)..around $55 per day for an unlimited miles car rental deal (kilometers over there).
  2. slystabone

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    driving in the countryside of Argentina is nice but in buenos aires is crazy. I have driven in big cities before like rome and delhi but BA really takes the's utter madness. if you're looking to hire a rental in Buenos Aires I would do it outside of rush hour. Oh dont forget Argentina's notorious roadside police who love stopping foreigners for offences both real and imagined.
  3. gruposd212

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    If you haven't driven in Argentina before, I seriously recommend spending a couple of days in taxis in the city, observing how people drive. It's pretty anarchic but if you have confidence and your wits about you, not the worst in the world!

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