Tips for Renting A Car in Vegas

Discussion in 'Las Vegas Transportation: getting there and around' started by MariaKo, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. MariaKo

    MariaKo New Member

    Renting a car in Vegas couldn't be easier as there are many options. However, it's best you hire a car directly with the car rental company because that way, if you were to cancel your reservation, you would not incur any penalties. I would also suggest renting a car with a major car rental company, instead of a lesser known company like Fox, US Rent a Car, etc; The reason I say this is because some of them will not honor your personal car insurance in case of an accident, while almost all of the major car rental companies in Vegas will.
  2. oscar268

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    don't bother getting insurance from the car rental agency. They might will push you hard to buy it but if you already drive back home you're most likely covered. Also, I would remind people to double check the quoted price with the actual price you pay once you get there. Car rental companies have a nasty habit of not charging you the proper rate they quoted you.
  3. ufcmma

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    My advice is to rent from any but Fox car rentals who have an foul reputation. My favorite car rental comp is Alamo as they have never given me any trouble. My least favorite is Budget because I was overcharged a couple of time.
  4. adamwilson

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    Insurance on car rental is always a good idea to prevent any unexpected problems. I believe a lot of companies have good reviews on 3rd party sites and are worth looking for any fair low price deal. Mostly I look for these places for any rental needs: Expedia, Statevan and Alamo.

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