Top 10 airports for 2014

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    Negotiating an airport terminal can be a challenge on the best of days especially when flying in or out of major international facilities. Many are stepping up their game in order to be a positive experience for travelers. Here is Fodor's top list for 2014.

    Heathrow Terminal 2, The Queen's Terminal
    Queen Alia International Airport, Terminal D, Amman, Jordan
    JFK International Airport, Terminal 4, New York City
    Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport, Terminal 3, Lyon, France
    Long Beach Airport, Passenger Concourse, California
    Hamad International Airport, Main Terminal, Doha, Qatar
    Christchurch Airport, Domestic Terminal, New Zealand
    Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, Mumbai, India
    San Francisco International Airport, Terminal 3E, California

    Where is your favorite airport and what makes it stand out from the rest?
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  2. tatianaali

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    To be honest, since 911 flying hasnt been the same because of all the fearmongering and now with this supposedly viruses coming out of the just seems that they want passengers to be on constant fear/alert. Just hope airports start to relax their unnecessary increased security....
  3. OptimusPrime

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    Reagan National Airport is a delight

    I haven't been to all airports but the Reagan National Airport is absolutely my favorite airport as it's a short Metro ride, and has beautiful architecture, as well as good amenities and straightforward gate access.
  4. jeffreyty002

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    I like Queen Alia International Airport it is the best for me so far. I've been to many airports as well but so far my favorite is Queen Alia.
  5. wanderer

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    I've always liked the Denver airport. It's got all that weird art (and a big story to go with it), but it seems really easy to get through. The airport is really airy with plenty of light. It doesn't feel as confining to me as some of the others I've been in. Did you know that the whole airport is bigger than Manhattan?
  6. Kelsey Ledford

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    Here's the latest one:

    The World's Top 10 Airports 2016
    1 Singapore Changi
    2 Incheon International
    3 Munich Airport
    4 Tokyo Haneda
    5 Hong Kong
    6 Centrair Nagoya
    7 Zurich
    8 London Heathrow
    9 Kansai
    10 Doha Hamad
  7. Maple Ader

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    I've only been to a few in the list. I want to see London Heathrow! Now I have an idea for our next travel. :)

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