top 10 skylines of the US

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  1. trilogyof

    trilogyof New Member

    what do you guys think of a skyline of a big city? how do you judge which skylines are the best and what are the top 10 skylines of the US?
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    I have a great appreciation for city skylines across the world. I think that skylines are, not only the economic engines of urban regions where millions of people live, but also the trend setters of culture in the city.

    Regarding judging a skyline, I think besides the skyline height, the most important aspect of skyline has to be how visible it is against a natural horizon.

    People has different ideas to what skyline is best and which on should be number one. In the US, I can safely say that the top 10 skylines are as follows:

    1. New York City
    2. Chicago Skyline
    3. Las Vegas
    4. San Francisco
    5. Seattle
    6. Philadelphia
    7. Pittsburgh
    8. Atlanta
    9. Boston
    10. Dallas
  3. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    I would say New York would have to be No. 1, but I'm rather partial to Chicago and it's twisting shoreline along Lake Michigan. It's just lovely.

    I might add Los Angeles as No. 11 on this list.
  4. nogalsaloud

    nogalsaloud New Member

    best skylines in the US

    My vote goes for Seattle! I love everything about Seattle...and mind you, it's the cultural and technological hub of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle skylines is spectacular with a hill-like effect on its silhouette, and a picture-perfect mountain backdrop...go Seattle!
  5. Abigail

    Abigail New Member

    10.Sao Paulo, Brazil
    9.Sydney, Australia
    8.Tokyo, Japan
    7.Bangkok, Thailand
    6.Seoul, South Korea
    5.Singapore, Singapore
    4.Chicago, USA
    3.Shanghai, China
    2.New York, USA
    1.Hong Kong, China

    These are the top ten sky lines. I have no idea about USA's top ten sky lines.

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