Top 10 tips to stay on a budget

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  1. ailidasfang

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    1. Travel in the off-peak seasons. You can save up to as much as fifty per cent off air flights and accommodation costs if you plan to travel in low season times.

    2. Stay away from popular tourist spots (unless they are on your ‘must-see’ list). If you can go off the beaten track with your destinations, things can be cheaper to see and do and your cultural experiences will be richer.

    3. Try camping. Not only is it the cheapest form of accommodation it’s a great way to get up close and personal to nature. It’s the best way to see National Parks and Heritage listed areas.

    4. Look for special travel offers (or packages). But make sure you check everything that they include - and don’t include.

    5. Invest in a travel pass where you are able. Most developed countries have a rail or bus transport system where you can obtain day, week or monthly passes that will get you around cheaply.

    6. Get a work permit if you aim to gain employment while traveling overseas. Working can help subsidize places that aren’t so cheap, such as Europe and Australia.

    7. Look for good exchange rates on the dollar. This may help you decide which country to travel to.

    8. Think about shortening your visit to destinations that are expensive and increasing your length of stay in cheaper places.

    9. Where possible use your credit card. The exchange rate is better.

    10. When staying in a hotel, avoid paying for ‘extras’. Don’t touch anything from the honor bar. Don’t watch the in-house movies and don’t use the hotel phone. And try not to use room service too much!
  2. mitraveler

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    Excellent advice.

    I hadn't ever thought about working while on vacation. That would be nice for extended getaways.

    To add to the list, I would say be flexible about destinations. Every place has something interesting. You might not think about going to X city right away, but you can find out what makes it special, without paying a lot.
  3. 56yuui

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    my tip: play around with the dates

    When buying plane tickets, be sure to play around with the dates. You'll be surprised but flying on a Monday or Tuesday is way cheaper than flying out on Saturday (around 30% cheaper). Traveling during the week, say, on Monday has also the added perk of less people traveling so less crowds at the airport.
  4. davidklit

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    I have a few tips for ya'll...get off the beaten track and stay in hostels and self-catering rentals if you can. Also, shop at local food markets, eat where the locals do, and choose a location to stay that's not close to the main attractions.
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    thanks for sharing that good advice :D
  6. mitraveler

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    Davidkilt's tip reminds me that it can often save you a lot of money to rent an apartment or condo rather than staying at a hotel. Usually the rates are competitive, plus you get the kitchen where you can cook your own meals. Or if you are staying in a hotel, pick one that has a hot breakfast. Then you can eat a light lunch or just hold out until dinner.
  7. devip

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    Good tips. travelling during off season is very helpful.
  8. Davis Patch

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    Excelent tips, thanks!
  9. Kelsey Ledford

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    Great tips. Thanks for the share!

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