top 10 world ski resorts

Discussion in 'Ski Areas' started by FlunkOP, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. FlunkOP

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    hi, we are planning a ski vacation in feb next year and we are considering Europe this time. We need some help to narrow down our choices so we could do with some recommendations, suggestions and even a top 10 list if any's got one.

  2. Danny

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    I know that the Swiss Alps and the Pyrenees are famous, but for me, the best ski resort in the world is Squaw Valley, which also has some of the best ski areas.

    Squaw Valley is located in the stunning Lake Tahoe region and was the home of the 1960 Winter Olympics games.

    I love Squaw Valley because of its wide-open runs which are perfect for novices, and there are plenty of beginner lessons available at the ski school so, you can join any lessons on the hour at any time of day.

    For more ideas, check out Destination360's world ski resorts

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