Top 20 Cities for Vegans & Vegetarians in the U.S.

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    Dreaming of the day I can travel again. Would be fun to visit the top 20 Cities for Vegetarians in the U.S and eat my way through it.

    Here's a great list of US Cities to visit.
    1. Portland, Oregon
    2. Los Angeles, California
    3. San Francisco, California
    4. Orlando, Florida
    5. Seattle, Washington
    6. Miami, Florida
    7. Boise, Idaho
    8. Fort Wayne, Indiana
    9. Oakland, California
    10. Austin, Texas
    11. Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky
    12. Tampa, Florida
    13. San Diego, California
    14. Irving, Texas
    15. Atlanta, Georgia
    16. Lincoln, Nebraska
    17. Chicago, Illinois
    18. St. Paul, Minnesota
    19. Lubbock, Texas
    20. New York, New York

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