Top 5 weekend gateways with Family from Delhi

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    With numerous weekends in store, your heart might be wondering where to go. Now, where to go and how to do so? Let us find answers to the following question!


    It is a fast developing town which is an integral part of Delhi. This destination promises a memorable family holiday and when you compare it to Gurgaon, it is less populated and the voice decimals are low. There are numerous Guesthouses in Manesar and from NH 2 in Delhi take the route directly from Bharatpur via Mathura. Total driving time is less than 4 hours from Delhi.


    If you are planning a trip to hills, then Dharmshala suits the bill on all counts. To escape the scorching heat of Delhi, take a direct flight and hop to Dharamshala. If you are planning a trip in summer, book your hotels well in advance as the place is crowded.


    Ever wondered on how living in the woods be? In Achrol you can experience a feeling similar to that. You can plan a safari to the jungle in the early morning, and feed the ducks or the birds. The drive time from Delhi is a mere 4 hours.

    Bharatpur bird sanctuary

    Kingfishers, hawks are some of the rare species which is found here. It is one of the best places to visit nearby Delhi and is the home to 350 rare species of birds. Plan a visit to winter as it is the migrating time for birds. From Delhi, you can reach this place in less than 3 hours


    Situated at a stone throw distance away from Delhi, (less than 2 hours) a tourist can enjoy the culture along with wonders of Rajasthan. In fact, this place has conferred the tag of being one of the romantic places in India.
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    Thanks for sharing the top 5 gateways with family from Delhi visit. It is the very nice experience for the visitors of first time views India Gate.
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    You can visit jaipur, udaipur, agra, manali, jodhpur from delhi as top 5 weekend gateways.
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    Delhi is my favorite city in India, especially I like Nainital, Agra and Mussoorie. They are awesome. Mussoorie is a wonderful hill station with beautiful waterfalls and lush green hills. It's perfect for all types of holidays. You can enjoy the panoramic view of Himalayas from here.
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    I would suggest you to go for:

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