Top 7 Mojave Desert Hotels

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    Whatever your budget, there's a hotel in Mojave to suit all needs and budgets. Here it's the top 7

    1. Riviera Hotel & Casino
    2. Plaza Hotel & Casino
    3. Arizona Charlie's Boulder
    4. Buffalo Bill's Resort & Casino
    5. Sam Boyd's California Hotel
    6. Hooters
    7. Green Valley Ranch Resort & Spas

    For more info visit this link Mojave Desert Hotels
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    Mojave Desert driving tips

    the Mojave desert brings me so many memories...driving through it me and my buddy run of gas and were stuck there for like 2-3 hrs. Luckily, a jeep convoy by a tour group drove past and helped us out. My advice is to always keep a full tank of gas, top up the water in the radiator, turn off the A/C on any long grades, etc.
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    Expect swealting heat!

    it's funny when i hear people moan about staying in the Mojave desert "saying it's hot". LOL..what do you expect, it's the desert d'oh. But yes, the Mojave isn't a place for everyone unless you're interested in wildlife and plants. Expect swealting heat!

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