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Discussion in 'Las Vegas Nightlife and Afterhours' started by singletraveler, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. Hey,

    Whats the top clubs in Vegas if you want meet the girls? are weeknights are good or should I just plan on a Friday- Saturday night?
  2. d360

    d360 Administrator

    Hi ST,

    The clubs change all the time in their popularity some of the mainstays are
    always Rain and Ghostbar at the Palms. Jet, Foundation Room, and Tao are some of the new places you should checkout. Also the Hardrock always has kickin pool parties. If your looking for more details check out our clublist which gives virtual tours, times, and contact information on vegas clubs.
  3. VegasEd

    VegasEd Guest

    Have no fear, you about to learn all you need to know about the clubs from VegasEd! You have subscribed to notifications on the 360 boards haven't you? You better!

  4. ann

    ann New Member

    Good Article VE! Just curious but I've heard that there are different cover charges for those that have a Nevada driver's license and those that do not. Is that true?
  5. VegasEd

    VegasEd Guest

    TRUE! Many clubs have a discounted local cover and a regular cover. I suppose the NV license is like your season pass or something, eh?

    Thanks for the accolades.


  6. vee

    vee Guest

    Well the last time that i was up in vegas was like 2wks ago, and now the best club that i had went to so far, is at the Wynn Hotel/Casino, Club Tryst. That club is absolutely amazing. I've been to a good amount of clubs there and by far, Tryst has been the best...However on the weekend it is almost impossible to get into a decent club, you would need to either have alot of money to give up or know people there ie, like bouncers or dancers, otherwise goodluck...for the females it is alot easier, and males, be ready to stand in line and wait for like 3hrs...And for those of you that are there on the week days, Pure and the Ceasers Palace on Tues night...Its great fun there...
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  7. ann

    ann New Member

    Hot Tip Vee! Ever been to Rain at the Palms? I hear that one's pretty good too.
  8. d360

    d360 Administrator

    Club access is all about who you know. Ed here on the list has always been good about hooking me up with comps and if you go into a club early its much easier to get in.

    I've bought VIP package and bottle service on a few trips and if your spending money people treat you real nice.

    I almost made it into Rain last trip but I found out a little late the girl "I repeat girl" I was with was not 21. Little did I know until she got carded. They do card so don't forget your ID.
  9. everyann

    everyann Guest

    ooh. that hurts. Clubbing with an under can't fun in Vegas! How do you go about VIP? Is it worth it?
  10. d360

    d360 Administrator

    This is a subject best answered by Ed but I'll give it a try. Spending money in Vegas definitely enhances your time and VIP does cost a bit extra. Bottle Service, the right table, and extras like girls to serve and entertain you will cost but why not add to the company account. Its a great way to services clients!

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