top diving spots in Bonaire

Discussion in 'Bonaire' started by Reaching44, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. Reaching44

    Reaching44 New Member

    Bonaire has tons of great diving sites but I had to choose the best ones they would they be:

    1. Tori's Reef
    2. Invisibles
    3. Angel City
    4. Cactus Blue at Kite Beach
    5. Hamlet Oasis
    6. Oil Slick
    7. Cliff
    8. Red Slave

    Anymore to add to the list? what's your favorite diving site in Bonaire?
  2. Saw6

    Saw6 New Member

    There are dozens of diving sites to choose from and most of them are accessible from shore. The most popular one in Bonaire is Karpata because it is easy to get to, and once you dive in, you'll be able to explore the drop-off, corals, and underwater caves throughout it.
  3. Saw6

    Saw6 New Member

    Pretty much anywhere in Bonaire is good for snorkeling/diving. Playa Bengi and Bise Morto have good shore access. If you're an advanced diver, I suggest Boca Bartol, Hilma Hooker or Margate Bay.

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