Top Tourist Attraction Places in Saudi Arabia

Discussion in 'Saudi Arabia' started by brightsuntravel, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. brightsuntravel

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    There are top tourist attraction places in Soudi Arabia. These are the followings:
    1. Al Masjid al Nabawi
    2. Al-Ula
    3. Dumat al Jundal
    4. Jabal al-Lawz
    5. Jamarat Bridge
    6. Jannat al-Baqi
    7. The Jawatha Mosque
    8. Masjid al-Qiblatain
    9. Medain Saleh
    10. MountUhud
    11. Quba Mosque
    12. Rock Carving Site
    13. Tayma
  2. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    Many people who visit Saudi Arabia spend some time in Riyadh you know how close these top attractions are?
  3. Qatarina

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    Can I as a Non-Muslim visit the holy cities?

    The original poster should have mentioned a few things...1)non-Muslims aren't allowed to visit certain attractions/places in Saudi Arabia like Mecca (Makkah) and Medina (Madinah). Also, as of late it's becoming an issue to get a visa to enter the kingdom of Arabia. In fact, Saudi does not grant tourist visas to individuals anymore (unless you're in a group) and you have to be sponsored by someone in Saudi to obtain a visa, have family there to sponsor you, be a student, or a businessman.
  4. PacificNorth

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    Jeddah's old city is one of the coolest parts of Saudi Arabia for tourist to explore because of the striking contrast between traditional and modern life. Do stay away from a place called "chop-chop" square (IT's where they do beheadings), it's really one of the worst tourist attractions about the kingdom.

    Best way to explore Saudi Arabia is on a taxi because taxi drivers know the kingdom inside out. You can hire taxi drivers for the whole day and tell them to take you to the nice parts of the country.
  5. Rana_Holdinn

    Rana_Holdinn New Member

    1. National Museum in Riyadh
    2. Red Sea Mall in Jeddah
    3. Othaim Mall in Dammam
    4. Al Fanateer Beach in Al Jubail
    5. Yanbu Lakes in Yanbu
    6. Shafa Mountains in Taif
    7. The Yellow Lake Al Ahsa
    8. Kingdom Centre Tower in Riyadh
    9. Corniche in Al Khobar
    10. Al Wahbah crater in Taif

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