Top Tourist Destinations in Australia

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    If you are scouting for a country where you get an exciting mix of pristine beaches, beautiful wildlife, enthralling adventure and majestic flora and fauna – in an all in one package, then a holiday in Australia must be top of your list. The awe-inspiring natural beauty, astounding coral reefs, breathtaking mountains and lush green forests captivate the attention of people from all the major corners of the worl
    Best tourist destinations in Australia:-
    1. Gold Coast
    2.Kakadu National Park
    3.Sydney Opera House
    4. Fraser Island
    5. Canberra
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    Australia's outback

    Kakadu National Park is so underrated and absolute must see! Be sure to do the Yellow River tour and then visit the aboriginal art sites. As far as weather, it's best to go in the dry season to avoid muddy roads and enjoy better views of the wildlife like wallabies, kangaroos, etc.

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    Can't believe noone added the Great Barrier Reef, Blue Mountains National Park, Bondi Beach and Ayers Rock (aka Uluru-Kata).
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