Toronto and Montreal best way

Discussion in 'Canada' started by daredevil908, Dec 26, 2014.

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    There are several ways to travel from Montreal to Toronto but flying (Air Canada, Porter or West Jet) is the and quicker alternative. It takes 70 minutes but flying costs around $350 for a round trip ticket . The other alternatives are driving, by bus or train. The train takes about 6 hrs and costs around US$200 round-trip. The bus takes about 9 hrs and costs around US$90 round trip.
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    Toronto to Montreal by bus

    There's the Greyhound but Megabus is the cheapest bus option and they offer free wifi on board. I take the Megabus from Kingston to Toronto regularly so I recommend them. The earlier you buy, the cheaper the Megabus tickets are.
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    Having done this drive 4 times, I'd say plan for 7 hours on the road plus stops. The route I take is the Gardener express way, then the Don Valley Parkway then it's straight along the 401 express way. Do buy an Ontario road atlas because it'll come handy. If you want to do an overnight stop somewhere, I suggest doing it in Kingston because it has plenty of places to eat and sleep.

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