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Discussion in 'Cuba' started by wanderer, Oct 26, 2011.

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    Friendly Planet Travel, in business for more than 30 years, is now authorized to lead tours to Cuba. Both the trips include round trip airfare from Miami , guides, hotels, meals and cultural programs. A company rep will accompany the trip to make sure everything goes well.

    The first trip goes to Havana, and the other is a longer trip exploring Cuba's cultural travelers.

    I haven't been on this trip, but I wanted to tell you these were available. Find out more at their website.
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    visiting Cuba

    Im not sure tour companies are the cheapest and the only way to visit Cuba, and having to sign up for an authorized program just to go to Cuba is laughable. It would be much easier if you just fly to Nassau and take Cubana from there..that way you'd avoid all the restrictions. Saying this, don’t expect to stock up on those coveted Cuban cigars because you won't be allowed to bring cigars or rum back to the States;)
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    tour company in Cuba

    It's always been illegal for ordinary American vacationers to hop on a plane bound for Cuba, but like the previous poster said you can dodge the restrictions by flying there from another country like Mexico or Canada. So, you don't really need a tour operator, though the great thing about taking one of these tours is that the tours must feature educational activities, which means you will get a meaningful interaction with people in Cuba.
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    Can you get in trouble if you go through a non-U.S. port? Don't you still need to get your passport stamped? Won't they know you're not allowed to go? I'd rather play it safe and go with an expert, even if it costs a little more.

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