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Discussion in 'Egypt' started by cunonlop, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. cunonlop

    cunonlop New Member

    I would like to make a trip to Egypt, and I am wondering if I really need to book with a tour company? If anyone has any experience with a tour company on an Egyptian trip, I would appreciate your comments/suggestions.
  2. Ruby

    Ruby Guest

    Definitely! unless you know someone there. Overall, to get the most out of this trip and reduce the forseen hassles, you should use a company if you're planning on touring Egypt.

    If you pick a good Egyptian tour company, they can save you alot of money and make traveling a much easier thing, though I suggest not booking with a cheap tour or, you'll end up getting, just that!

    Mopentour seems to have good review, though, it seems expensive but you will stay in the best places and eat the best meals.

    Overall, you'll get what you pay for, so choose wisely!
  3. mackbosh

    mackbosh New Member

    Hello Cunonlop !!

    Last year i was also on Egypt's tour. As i have no much knowledge where to visit or not, so i decided to consult a tour company who provide good and fast services.I made a search on the internet about the best tour companies in Egypt and then call them one by one.At last, I got satisfied with the explanations given by the "Delta Tour" company. I made online payment and when reached the airport a person from Delta tour was there to receive me.

    That person is really good and help me in visiting the places like Pyramids of Giza,Cairo,The Nile River,etc which are famous all over the world.So,i really appreciate their services and also you prefer to consult this organization.Because without booking a tour company you may have to face many problems.

    With Regards,
    Mack Bosh.
  4. Vianni911

    Vianni911 New Member

    I just recently booked with Ramses Tours. They've made the entire booking process effortless and have provided ample information.

    I highly recommend them. They will quickly e-mail you back and answer any doubts you may have.

    While I have not yet gone on their tour (we are stopping in Alexandria on an Eastern Mediterranean cruise) I have heard great reviews of them and their tour guides, so I will check back when I get back from the tour itself. The tour we booked picks us up from Alexandria's cruise port and takes us to Cairo. We booked our own hotel, but they also provide hotel accommodations.

    Good luck and happy planning!
  5. Mohamed El Milgi

    Mohamed El Milgi New Member

    I can help u doing ur trip here in Egypt .. Still u didn't visit and need to book?

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