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Discussion in 'Cambodia' started by 3april, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. 3april

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    Hello, My sister and I are going to visit Angkor wat in February, and we were wondering whether how easy it is to get a tour guide who could take us to the less crowdy spots, or simply knows the times its best to go to avoid the masses.

    is it a good idea to just ask around the locals? how much would a tour guide cost?
  2. Danny

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    It's hard to getaway from the crowds in Angkor wat but your tour guide would let you know what temples aren't that crowded and which ones are worth visiting.

    When I was there, I went with the tour guide from my hostel I stayed in - Siem Reap Hostel, and we paid about $20 for the day, which felt like such a bargain. We went to Ta Prohm which was crowded but I would do it again, as it's really beautiful and worth it, in my opinion.
  3. missadventure

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    We found a Tuk-Tuk driver at the bus station who spoke English. For $10/day he took us around the popular spots and some spots off the main path that he knew about. He had suggestions about the best times of day to go too.
  4. vntravelroute

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    Angwor Wat boasts many tuk tuk drivers and guides so, it is NOT necessary to organise one beforehand, which will almost always cost you more than arranging one on arrival:)
  5. Vincent

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    you can easily find a tour guide in Ankor wat. Just buy the ticket and ask them about your command, they will find you one good man. I asked the receptionist of my hotel but he took more expensive. So I came to the Angkor Wat and had one with the lower price. I took 3 days tour in Angkor wat (yeah, Angkor Wat is very large) with 20$
  6. EMahon

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    been to Angkor wat

    I just got back from my trip to Angkor Wat, and wanted to let everyone know that the cost to see the temples were $50 per person for a three day pass. This includes seeing all the following temples in Angkor Wat along with Bantey Srei and the Rolus Group.

    I would also suggest using two day of the pass to see the small circuit and the grand circuit. Btw, ladies must wear long-sleeved shirts and no skirts.

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