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Discussion in 'Georgia' started by kwikfit, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. kwikfit

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    We're stopping off in Atlanta for a day or so and we'd like some day trips suggestions guys. Can we get some input? Cheers to all
  2. Ruby

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    Hi there,

    An interesting day trip would be two hour drive from Atlanta to Birmingham where you will find an interesting array of museums for viewing such as the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and the Birmingham Museum of Art.

  3. The Travel Slut

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    Stone Mountain for sure and catch the laser show at night.

    Helen, Georgia..a bit of the Swiss Alps and deep gorges in the North Georgia Mountains

    Dalhnega (sp?)--the 1st gold mine in the USA if I recall correctly.

    and try this link for more:

    Have fun! I'm in Atlanta next week for a few days and will be doing a few of those things myself.


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