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Discussion in 'Azerbaijan' started by luky7, Jun 6, 2013.

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    Having been to Azerbaijan a couple of times, I wanted to give my 2 cents on whether to use a tour operator or private guide. If it's your first time in Azerbaijan, I suggest you book an organized trip with a tour operator to make your first time there a better experience. Having said this, if you like the idea to venture out yourself, you can always do it yourself but hiring a local guide is definitiley a must. Don't forget visiting Baku, Shamakha, Ismayilly, Lahij, Kish and Sheki.
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    if you're pushed for time or are only traveling to Azerbaijan for a week, I recommend a guided organized tour. You won't get a feel of the country in so limited time without the aid of a local tour. Make sure they take you to the Gobustan reserve, which is an open-air museum filled with ancient rock carvings more than 10,000 years old!
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    Yep, the tourist trail in Azerbaijan is mostly in Baku. the Old City Baku has the most wonderful and traditional Islamic architecture I've ever seen. Buildings with lovely wooden balconies, narrow streets, mosques, minarets, hamams, caravanserais, etc.

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