Tour operators cancelling holidays to Egypt

Discussion in 'Travel News' started by Kidtonto, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. Kidtonto

    Kidtonto New Member

    Europe’s largest tour operator - TUI - has said it is canceling all holidays purchase by German holidaymakers to Egypt until mid September. However, what's interesting and bizarre at the same time is that Thomson Holidays (a UK-subsidiary of TUI) isn't cancelling holidays to Egypt for British holidaymakers.

    Thomas Cook (a British tour operator), in the other hand, has cancelled all excursions from the Red Sea resorts to the tourist areas of Cairo, Luxor, Moses Mountain and Saint Catherine’s monastery.

    What's your take on these holiday cancellations to Egypt by tour operators? Have you been to Egypt recently?
  2. RoyaleCasion

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    It can't really be so bad in Egypt that some tour operators are still running as normal and taking in bookings. It's hard to tell really what's going on in Egypt since the media isn't really a medium you can rely on. It does seem interesting to note that Germany is telling its citizens not to travel to Egypt, while other Europeans are still traveling.

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