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Discussion in 'Italy' started by Vicolette, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. Vicolette

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    If your travel plans are taking you anywhere near Italy this year, be sure to include tours of Florence in your plans. This beautiful city speaks volumes when it comes to culture, romance, fine dining, exquisite architecture, historic sites, museums, and a rich history to be explored. Florence tours can best be enjoyed by leisurely walks through the city, renting a bike for the day, or purchasing the new Florence Card for sightseeing with less stress.
  2. OatSoSimple

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    florence is stunning...if you can take a day trip out to the countryside, it's seriously worth it. there are many tour guides on line who will take you to the southern part of florence towards Montalcino though these tours can be a little pricey (around 200 euros). I personally prefer hiring a car or a small motorcycle and go explore yourself.
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    winery tour in Florence Italy

    I've been to florence for 4 days while touring Italy and I would also suggest taking a winery tour in the region...there are a few wineries in Florence but if you take a short bus ride to nearby Chianti-in-Greve, the capital of the famed Chianti wine-growing district you can tour several Chianti houses to see the whole process...enjoy:)

  4. Vicolette

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    Thanks for the tour information. Here's a link to Greve in Chianti for those who'd like more information.
  5. AvaC

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    If you are in FLorence don't miss San Gimignano. The view from the highest tower is amazing.
  6. josephhinds

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    If you are planning to visit Florence in this vacation then I think Campanile is the best place to visit.
  7. Cristina poss

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    Florence is really very beautiful destination to travel. I visited this nice place 6months ago and explored it with private car in my own way, and my travel become memorable one.
  8. krisfarring

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    I love Florence, the Uffizi gallery is world class and just unbelievable with Bottecelli's "Birth of Venus" and "Primevara" being stunning to actually see. The Boboli Gardens and the Pitti Palace...the Ponte Vecchio, the food, wine and piazza''s rich with culture, history, and scooters, a few snotty waitresses and hard bread...but all in all a wonderful place not to be missed.

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