Touring Malaysia's Rainforest

Discussion in 'Malaysia' started by Vicolette, Apr 27, 2012.

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    Malaysia is one of the most diverse locations to visit with its thriving plant and animal life, scuba diving to coral reefs, scenic tropical islands like Mataking, and the thick canopies alive with activity in the rainforest. For an upclose look at the Borneo rainforest, consider booking a guided tour so you can observe the landscape with a bird's eye view.
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    Taman Negara rainforest

    you must visit the Taman Negara in's the world's oldest rainforest. there's an elephant sanctuary and an eco lodge there that offers excursions. You get the chance to feed the elephants, ride them through the jungle, take them down to the river and help give them a bath.
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    jungle tour in Malaysia

    i agree a guided tour is the way to go. I suggest visiting the orangutan centre in Selingan Island to see orangutans and watch sea turtles lay eggs. I did this trip and stayed overnight which was really worth so I suggest wherever go you stay overnight to maximize the experience.
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    You've both offered excellent suggestions. Staying in an eco friendly lodge in the rainforest that offer hands-on experience with wildlife is awesome and a guided tour through the area to experience the stunning scenery with a knowledgeable guide would make my day.

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