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Discussion in 'Washington DC' started by AndyMne, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. AndyMne

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    I'll be visiting DC for a few days later this month and I'm looking for things to do in the evening. I'm not speaking of nightlife, dining and such. I mean museums, sites, etc. Everything appears to close around 5-5:30. The only things I can find are 1) walking the mall during the night, 2) visiting the National Archives on a Wednesday or Thursday evening, 3) visiting the spy museum on the weekend.

    Does anyone have any alternative suggestions?
  2. Danny

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    There are plenty of night tours available in DC at the National Mall and the National Harbor. You can take a night bus tour or a segway tour to zip between the attractions in the area such as the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial and the many national museums that lie inside the massive, green-laden space.

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