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    I wanna take my wife on a trip to north Africa and im deciding between Tunisia again or Algeria. Can someone give me an idea of tourist attractions in Algeria so I can make my mind up?:) thanks
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    Hi there,

    The capital city of Algiers has interesting architecture, especially on the citadel area of Algiers, which is a beautiful area to take a walking tour.

    While in Algiers, you want to check the:

    * Che Guevara Boulevard at the waterfront
    * Great Mosque, the oldest mosque in Algiers
    * Notre Dame d'Afrique, an elaborate Roman Catholic basilica.

    If you want to enjoy the beaches during your Algeria travel, you should look into various hotel tourist resorts located close to Algiers on the Mediterranean coast such as Sidi Fredj, Palm Beach, Douaouda, and Zéralda.

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