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  1. PinkFloyd99

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    Anyone planning a trip to bosnia and herzegovina should know that most of the top attractions in the country are located in Sarajevo and Mostar (those two places is where you want to spend most of your time). I specially recommend adding to the list visiting Bascarsija, the Old Town (Stari Grad)
  2. Olbas3409

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    I spent about 3 weeks in Bosnia two years ago and really enjoyed it. I agree Sarajevo and Mostar are the places to be for attractions as well as nightlife. Saying this, check out also Modrica and spend a good day there. There are lots a small cafes bars, shops, religious buildings and a lovely city park with many monuments in memory of WWII.
  3. Oliver-benji

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    Also add to the list seeing the famous bridge in Mostar and the fortress of Kozograd on Zec Mountain, which was built sometime in the early 15th century. As far as Sarajevo, it truly is an amazing you walk through it it's like stepping back in time because of the old buildings, Ottoman quarters, etc.
  4. melliset

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    I went to Bosnia and I enjoyed Sarajevo's Bascarsija (Old Town) and Mostar's Stari Most (Old Bridge) the most.

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