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  1. beonko

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    hi guys,

    We'll be traveling to Sardinia next month for just 8 days. Ideally, we'd love to take a few tours or at least a couple if possible. What are the most popular tours in Sardinia you can suggest?
  2. Ruby

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    hi there,

    One particular tour in Sardinia I would suggest is the old fishing port Alghero tour. Here, you can explore places such as the Nuraghe Ruins, Neptune’s Grotto (semi-submerged underwater cave), and the Capo Caccia limestone promontory.

    In fact, there have been over 300 caves discovered in this area, some completely underwater and others semi-submerged, where tourists are able to see the amazing limestone formations.
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    Sardinia beaches were very beautiful. I do not know any of the names of the beaches that we visited. We rented a car for a day and beach-hopped…Most of my time in Sardinia was spent on the beaches. In fact, every day was an adventure .
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    Sardinia is a beautiful place. This is such a naturally magnificent country that those who have enough time to dedicate on the island might consider a full tour of the island. Sardinia is typically known for its white sand beaches, luxury hotels, and resorts.
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