Trace the Industrial Revolution in Lowell

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    We all know about the revolution that happened in Boston, but another one happened in Lowell, a small town in the Merrimack Valley.

    At the Lowell National Historical Park, you can see many of the buildings and the same river that powered the Industrial Revolution.

    In the 19th century, the textile industry brought machines online, changing the history of America. At the national park, rangers lead boat tours and walking tours that explain this history. One of the old mills has been turned into a kid-friendly museum.
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    Lowell National Park tours

    Lowell National Park guided tours and programs are offered all year round like a trolley tour and a canal boat tour. The trolley tours are free of charge and are offered Monday-Friday at 2:30am; while canal boat tour costs around $8 and will be running on Saturday, Sunday & Columbus Day at 11:00am
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    Thanks for adding the details, Elrey. It's rare that you can find something free to do any more! Do the boat tours stop for the winter?

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