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    A cheap and fun way to get to Aswan from Cairo is on the sleeper train. The sleeper train from Cairo to Aswan costs $100 per person for a double cabin and $120 for a single and leaves from Giza three times a day (at night). Two sleeper trains leave Giza (one at 8pm and the other one at 9.30 pm), and the other sleeper train leaves to Aswan from Cairo Ramses Station at 8.30 pm.
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    It's fairly easy to buy tickets at Cairo main station but make sure you queue in the right window...there's one for each class and group of destinations. As far as paying, you won't be able to use Egyptian pounds for the Cairo-Luxor-Aswan deluxe sleeper so you'll have to pay in $, £ or euros. Book your ticket in advance if traveling in Easter holy week.
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    I've done both this route on the bus and train. The sleeper train price includes dinner and the ride is a really pleasant experience. The bus is much cheaper but it's a very long bus ride. Depends how much you enjoy travelling by bus really..

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