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    If you are traveling in Italy, it's always a good choice to travel by train, because this saves a lot of time and money, not to mention headaches, especially if you make reservations ahead of time. From the Rome Termini Train Station, departure times to the Venice Santa Lucia Station range from early morning to evening, and there are several websites that offer assistance in booking tickets ahead of time, including Trenitalia, Select Italy, and ItaliaRail.
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    train travel between Rome to Venice

    I've just returned from a trip to Rome. If you plan to take the train from Rome to Venice you need to take the train from the Termini station. It takes about 4 hours to Venice. You can also fly to Venice which is quick taking about 2 hours, though domestic flights in Italy are very expensive.

    I'd say stick to trains in Italy as train rides are a breathtaking adventure! Once you arrive in Venice train station, you will be left off at the Grand Canal which is amazingly beautiful!
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    Hi! LOL, yes good advice but there is one piece of extra advice I would give you. Make sure. Really really really make sure that you take the quick train and not the regional. We made a mistake and took the fast one there but the regional one back to Rome. We had planned half a day in Rome but the regional train takes all day. I mean all day on a train is not fun. We started at 9 and arrived I think at 6pm! Most stupid travel decision I have ever made!!! :(

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