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    Traveling in Italy can be a real breeze if you use the train system, no worries except to catch the right train and to be there on time. Train tickets from Venice to Florence can be purchased in advance on a number of websites, including ItaliaRail, and Euro Railways, or they can be purchased at the train station when you arrive, but making reservations in advance will always pose the best circumstances.
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    Thanks for the tip! Do you know how often the trains run or if there's a difference in price/quality between the two? I was in Italy a few years ago with my sister and we took the train from Venice to Florence and back. We were quite happy with the ride but can't recall which trains we took. Not sure that it matters, but I wondered if anyone has any advice on the different trains, or whether it's worth trying to save money to take the bus instead.
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    Venice to Florence train timetable

    The fastest and the most comfortable way to get from Venice to Florence by train is on the Euro Star. You can buy tickets from any travel agent in Venice or buy them at Venice Santa Lucia station. For train timetables, check out You can also buy tickets from this website, but only up to 2 months in advance of travel. Also, remember that some trains to Florence start from Mestre on the mainland and not from Venice proper.


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