Train to Lungern from Lucerne

Discussion in 'Switzerland' started by DWilliams, Jun 16, 2017.

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    Where is Lungern located? Having 2 days weekend break in my business trip at Lucerne, so interested to visit Lungern. so how to reach Lungern from Lucerne. Can any of you recommend a good choice? Hope to hear from you.
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    You can go to Lungern from Lucerne by bus, train or taxi, but the most convenient & cheapest transportation is train. You can reach within 45 mins, and the cost will be around SFr 5.

    Lungern is the most popular mountain city in Switzerland with wonderful attractions. It's located about 36km away from Lucerne and it offers fabulous sports activities and I spent one full day here. The lake at Lungern is my most favourite place and Viewing Point Schoenbuehel, Ballenberg and Bruder Klaus Sachseln Museum are some of the other attractions of Lungern. Hope this helps and have a nice holidays in Switzerland.

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