train travel between Zagreb and Sarajevo

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    has anyone traveled by train between Zagreb and Sarajevo? I can't find much info on this train it a direct service? does the train have sleeping cabins or is it just seats? I wouldn't taking the sleeping train service if it'll be cheapest? Also, it'd be great to know about ticket prices. Sorry about all the questions..I thought to just fire away;)
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    no train from Sarajevo to Zagreb

    not right now, I dont think. They stop the train service between Zagreb and Sarajevo early this year because of cuts. Even if there was, I wouldn't recommend train travel between Croatia and Bosnia to be honest. It's a long trip and trains aren't very comfortable. Worst of all, I've heard of robberies happening along this service where gunmen jump in on the moving train to rob passengers the old-west style. Best, you fly there if you can. It only takes 50 minutes and will cost you around €140 for round trip ticket.
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    getting to Zagreb from Sarajevo

    As far as I know you can travel to Sarajevo from Zagreb by bus, plane and train. the bus takes nearly 6 days, the train takes around 4 days, while the plane is, of course, the fastest.

    The bus costs around $80 round trip, which is very cheap but only worth it if you're really really on a budget. The bus ride won't be comfortable by any means, but if you're looking for a cultural experience the bus (or train) is great as you'll get to talk to locals.
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    Train routes in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    Anyone planning to travel by train in Bosnia & Hezergivina needs to know that the country railways is serviced by local, express and business trains. The local trains dont require you to book a seat reservation in advanced and you can tell a local train because they usually have a 4 digit number.

    Express trains have a 3-digit number and they service routes to Budapest, Zagreb, Ploce and Beograd. Business trains operate routes between Sarajevo, Mostar and Capljina, and require seat reservation in advance.

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