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Discussion in 'France' started by JonahJones, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. JonahJones

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    Is it worth traveling by train from paris to rome? The short answer is no (not for me anyways!). I have done this trip both on a train and plane and have concluded flying is best. It cost nearly $200 one way, compared to $90 it costs by plane. Also, this route gets delayed very bad all the time (as much as 4 hours). Mind you, the views from the train are amazing...has anyone done train travel from paris to rome before?
  2. partofprocess22

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    I have done this trip on the overnight Paris-Rome night train service back in 2010. I took the direct Artesia night train, which was okay but as far as I know this night service was discontinued in December 2011. If you want to take an overnight train from Paris to Rome, take the Paris-Venice night train as far as Milan and take a high-speed Eurostar Italia train from Milan to Rome. Hope that helps
  3. Df.Tommi

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    Flying is faster but the views you get from a window train cannot be matched by a plane. Btw, who wants the hassle of everything that goes with flying... security checks, etc. Also, having to be at airport 2 hours prior your flight is so annoying and not worth it. I have heard people complain about the trains being dirty, but in my experience, they were no dirtier than an airplane or a bus.

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