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    Here it's my tips for those of you looking to take the train from Vienna to Budapest. Best you do it in the warm months if you can (the views are amazing). You can buy the train ticket on the day of departure without any problem (it costs 16 euro for a single ticket) as the ticket office people speak quite good English. Having said this, if you book your train ticket to Vienna or Budapest 3 days in advance you get a discount.
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    vienna to budapest by bus

    Other than the train, I'd recommend using the bus. I have done Budapest to Vienna on the international bus company called Orangeways who operate out of Népliget Budapest. They have really nice and modern buses with movies being shown on the trip and they even serve free coffee and hot chocolate onboard. If I remmeber well the bus fare price is about 5000 HUF (~20 EUR RT).
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    Hungary railway closed

    I'm not sure if it's fixed yet or not but early this summer there were heavy floods in Hungary and part of railway in Hungary was closed. This meant there was no direct train connection, though the Austrian rail website were offering bus options.

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