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    If you are traveling to Montenegro for the first time you should know that there are very few train lines in Montenegro. In fact, buses are really the way to go in Montenegro and they are cheap too. You shouldn't have any problems getting a bus from places like Podgorica, Budva or Kotor but there are a number of bus companies all charging slightly different prices. I'd recommend checking tourist info or the bus station when you get there to get more info.
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    The local train system in Montenegro doesn’t cover much ground and makes rail travel difficult. The line is from northeast to southwest, starting in Bijelo Polje and ending in the coastal town of Bar. Trains are a good option when heading into the mountains, but pointless when staying on the seaside. Cheaper than the buses but not as efficient.
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    explore The Balkans by car

    I agree the best bet to get around in Montenegro is to catch a bus. Even if you want to take day trips to Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia and far a field you can do it while there. I wouldn't knock off car hire if you want to but if you rent a car remember that the road surfaces are often much slicker than other roads in Europe and you will encounter cows.

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