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    I am looking for info on train travel in Spain...are trains in Spain reliable and are they a popular option to explore the country?
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    Spanish trains are great and reliable and one of my favorite ways to travel within the country. Train travel in Spain is relatively easy and is actually cheap when compared to car rental.

    To give you an idea of type of trains in Spain, you have the high speed and regular speed trains. Barcelona and Madrid’s main commuter trains tend to be nicer, cleaner, and even faster.

    You can easily book train tickets online through Spain’s major rail company, called RENFE, which handles the majority of national, regional, and local train routes.

    By the way, do get a Spain rail pass to save money. I suggest getting the Spain FlexiPass as it will give you 3 days of unlimited train travel within a two month period.
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    In Spain, traveling around by bus is a really popular so you might find travelling by bus will be cheaper than by train. If you need to get anywhere quickly, I'd suggest going by train, it's worth the extra money however you must remember that trains in Spain don't have seats due to European safety regulations.
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    The trains are relatively cheap, luxuriou, fast and efficient way in Spain but due to less coverage of outes it is poorly served. Check some price quotes for some routes by trains as it will be helpful to you.

    Routes Cost Duration

    Malaga - Seville 16€ 2h30
    Madrid - Valencia 40€ 3h20
    Madrid - Seville 70€ 2h30
    Madrid - Granada 35€ 6h
    Madrid - Santiago 42€ 7h
    Madrid - Barcelona 63€ 5h30
    Madrid - Salamanca 15€ 2h20
    Madrid - Bilbao 37€ 6h
    Barcelona - Valencia 37€ 3h
    Barcelona - Bilbao 38€ 9h15
    Barcelona - Granada 54€ 11h30
    Seville - Granada 20€ 3h
    Seville - Cordoba 7€-26€ 40m
    Seville - Cadiz 9€ 2h
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    train travel in Spain

    trains in spain aren't as reliable or developed as those in other Western European countries, such as Italy. It is improving and adding new high-speed routes, like the one between Madrid and Barcelona, however many of the smaller towns are not serviced by rail, and even if they do Spanish trains are not the cheapest mode of transport in the country. If you are on a tight budget, then bus travel makes a better alternative.

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