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    n August of 2006 I was lucky to take part in an once in a lifetime expedition through the indonesian region of Borneo. This almost 3 week long exciting but also exhausting trip was arranged and reliable guided by "Contrast Getaway Adventures"Å“.
    The trekking through this bautiful island with its endless rivers, lakes, mangrove-marches and its tropical rain forest left uncounted memories which will never be forgotten. The trip was unbelievable exciting and miscellaneous because of all the adventures in our langboats and because we could meet the friendly natives of Borneo. The "Taman Dayak"€œ.
    Really fascinating was the exhausting hiking and climbing tour through the amazing jungle of Borneo. We saw Orang Utans, Proboscis Monkeys and even a Clouded Leopard and other exotic animals as well as a big variety of plants in the tropical rain forest.
    The expedition in a small group which was guided by a qualified tour guide required lots of endurance and flexibility. It needs some time to get used to the tropical klimate with its high humidity, so at the beginning it was a challenge for me but after a little time passed by I could enjoy this wonderful trip.
    Although I would not like to miss thos once in a lifetime experience ever again and I can recommend the "Trans Borneo Exploration"€œ to everyone who loves to go on adventuretrips apart of the crowded tourismregions and likes to explore the nature and culture of a totally different nationality in the heart of Borneo.
    Take a look at this tour:,de/

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