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    Aside from hotel transfers (a bit expensive), you also have other cheaper options for personal transfers that you can use such as Belize Action Boys and Belize Shuttles who offer personal transfer services (for 1 to 3 people) from Belize Airport to San Ignacio and Placencia for around $100 and $180 respectively.
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    Belize airport transfers

    if you don't mind buses, you will find that the bus system in Belize is super cheap. The bus ride from Belize City to San Ignacio is less than $7. I think the taxi was something like $25 so you can see the difference. Private shuttles are cheap if you can get more than 3 people to ride with you...otherwise, just find some tourists and ask to ride together and save yourselves some money;)
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    I wouldn't bother with hotel airport transfers because they're too expensive (around $80). Like it's been said on the tread, there are cheaper options for airport transfers like private transfers and buses.

    Saying this, be aware that the bus won't drop you right outside of your lodge. When I was there last, I stayed at the Crooked Tree hotel and caught the bus, which dropped us at the entrance road to Crooked Tree so we had to walk up to the lodge (long walk it was).
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    no buses from Belize Airport

    if using a taxi, make sure it's a taxi with license plates. The taxi ride is just about $25US and I think more worth it than getting on a bus, which by the way doesn't operate from the airport. You have to walk out to the highway all with your belongings, it's just a hassle! Also, with the hot weather the bus will be so uncomfortable...

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