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Discussion in 'UK' started by Johnsoz, Oct 17, 2012.

  1. Johnsoz

    Johnsoz New Member

    First off, hello to everyone here :) it is a pleasure to meet you.

    I have a question; if I were to go from the Heathrow Airport in London to a location near the central area (EC1), what method of transportation would you recommend? Thanks.
  2. findthelock

    findthelock New Member

    you can choose from the tube, taxi and train. As expected, the taxi is the most expensive, though it's very convenient after a long flight. The tube is my recommend way to get to the heart of London. The tube is fast and easy, though it still takes about 50 minutes to central London. It's cost you around £5.30 for a single ticket of £2.90 if you have an Oyster card.
  3. moviemagic1

    moviemagic1 New Member

    getting to central London form Heathrow

    The central area of London is a completely nightmare to navigate by car so forget about hiring a car and driving in, unless of course, you want to pay congestion charge, spend hours in traffic, etc. Taxis and buses are a slightly better bet to get into Central London because they get their own red driving lane. Tube is fast and cheap way so I would too recommend it. Also, avoid traveling by tube, train, etc early in the morning (betwen 6 and 9am), because it's pick time and ticket fares cost more.
  4. Johnsoz

    Johnsoz New Member

    Oh, hey there, Moviemagic.

    I was just curious, are taxis generally not worth it, or just when it comes to the central area?

    I'm asking because money aren't necessarily a problem, I just want to make sure I get there without too many problems.
  5. moviemagic1

    moviemagic1 New Member

    depends... London cabbies also share the red line with buses so they dont get as much stuck in traffic. Still, the journey between Heathrow and central London can take anything from 30 mins to an hour, which is why I don't do it. Also, you can expect to pay around £58 during the week and £62 at the weekend for the trip, which feels really steep even if you have "deep pocket".

    by the way, is it your first time arriving at Heathrow?
  6. jackbenny

    jackbenny New Member

    Take the Heathrow Express! It would be like the tube, except easier and faster because you don't have to transfer anywhere. It's about £16 for a one-way and takes something like 15 minutes.
  7. Johnsoz

    Johnsoz New Member

    Yes, it is, @ moviemagic. Also, that's a very interesting suggestion, Jack. Can I get it from the airport?
  8. betty30

    betty30 New Member

    Heathrow Express is the best option. Otherwise, hire a cab.
  9. Johnsoz

    Johnsoz New Member

    Do you know any decent cab companies that you could recommend?
  10. alexiajack01

    alexiajack01 New Member

    Catch the Heathrow Airport Taxi Transfer service! It would be very comfortable and easy to access, excepting calmer and quicker for the reason that you don't have to transfer wherever. It's about £45 for a one-way and proceeds approximately alike 25 to 30 minutes only.
  11. jaysamuel

    jaysamuel New Member

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