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Discussion in 'Brazil' started by leksa, Jan 12, 2010.

  1. leksa

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    Hi, everybody!
    I know this question has been asked but I want to clarify one more time. I am going to Brazil (my first time). I want to visit Rio, Iguazu Falls and Manaus.

    What would be the better way to travel from Rio to Manaus? (on a budget). And what's the best month for Amazon?

    And anybody knows good company for one day boat tour to Amazon? What are good ways to experience Amazon (aside of camping there, that would be too adventurous for me:) Well, I have million questions. Thanks a lot!!!
  2. Ruby

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    Hi there,

    If you don't want to spend most of your vacation on the road, the best way to get from Rio to Manaus is by plane undoubtedly.

    The rainy season begins in December in the Amazon area of Manaus and it lasts till mid-May, but I would say the best time to explore the Amazon is between July and February, as there is less rain and get less mosquitoes.

    The Ariau Amazon Tower Hotel located 35 miles up river from Manaus on the banks of the Ariau River offers motorized canoe trips with multilingual guides, jungle hikes, piranha fishing, bird watching, and alligator spotting.
  3. leksa

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    Thanks a lot! Is there a train connecting Manaus and Rio? Is it safe to rent a car in Rio and go to Iguazu Falls?
  4. Ruby

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    hi there,

    It is advised that tourists should not hire cars in Brazil as road safety in Brazil is not the best in the world, and the standard of driving here leaves a lot to be desired.

    Having said this, there are a number of car hire agencies operating in Brazil, so if you want to rent a car here it is feasible.

    Train travel in Brazil is also very limited and there is no single national rail company, and any passenger services are few and far between.

    I know you are on a budget, but I would say that flying is the best way to get around in Brazil as the country is immense.

    There is more info about getting to Iguassu Falls on this thread..
  5. Amandinha

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    No train from Manues to Rio, only bus or plane. Cars in Rio is to easy to rent! ;) u wont have problems!

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