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Discussion in 'Cruises' started by floater mike, May 6, 2010.

  1. floater mike

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    hi everyone, im going to go traveling but i have the very hard task of taking a camper van and a dog!!!! i have allready started the task of a pet passport and i know the the 92 countrys i can take a pet to without quarentine time.

    my problem is getting to certain places with both a vehicle and pet in tow! i live in england so europe is very easy to drive to, its getting to usa/canada and australia/new zealand which is hard.

    so any help regarding cruise/cargo ships which will meet my requirements, any info with laws of taking a car to these countrys would be a god send! i have spent hours researching and im getting nowhere, please help!!
  2. Ruby

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    Hi there,

    The U.S. Public Health Service requires that pet dogs and cats brought into this country be examined for evidence of diseases that can be transmitted to humans. If your dog is not in apparent good health, further examination by a licensed veterinarian may be required at your expense so make sure your dog is in good health.

    Dogs are also exempt from customs duty to the USA, which is good

    Regarding Australia and New Zealand, there is a 30 days of quarantine on arrival, which after a long trip will seroisly stress your dog so it's worth nothing this.

    Also, there will be vets fees for micro chipping, vaccination and blood tests, the cost of an Import Permit, quarantine costs, possibly licensing or registration costs in Australia.

    In addition to all this, you might want to take out pet insurance in case anything goes wrong.

    Canada is perhaps more relaxed as dogs can be imported into Canada for any period of time without quarantine from any country.

    However, dogs must be accompanied by a valid rabies vaccination certificate, which is issued by a licensed veterinarian, in either English or French and which clearly identifies the dog and states that they are currently vaccinated against rabies.

    This certificate should identify your dog's breed, colour, weight, etc., and indicate the name of the licensed rabies vaccine used (trade name), including serial number and duration of validity (up to three years).

    Canadian Customs does not require you to have a health certificate for your dog, but if the animal is travelling to Canada by air, the commercial airline may require a health certificate.
  3. floater mike

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    reading the pet passport section on the uk government site, it says pets under this travel plan can visit only the listed eu and non eu countrys such as usa, canada, australia without any quarentine time? your comment has got me worried and i will have to investigate further so thanks for that.

    any ideas on the transport issues? i plan to fully kit out a camper van so i would really like to keep it to go to the states after europe!
  4. Ruby

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    that's strange! I checked another source and pet owners are advised to be familiar with these rules before traveling to avoid pet quarantine in countries that require it.

    If the government site says otherwise, I guess so but, it is still strange that they have relaxed their pet rules so suddenly with so many problems at the airports nowadays.

    Regarding cargoes, check out established companies such as Schumacher Cargo Logistics. I would advice though on getting separate cargo shipping insurance in case the car gets damaged!
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    Hello mike, no problem to carry your dog to other countries. According to law of UK government thers is no need of taking any cautions for carrying pets.

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