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Discussion in 'UK' started by fcAnnie, Sep 10, 2011.

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    Hey Friends...

    I need a advice that I have decided that this winters we will go on holiday via rail. we would like to go to Italy and live in London.

    Can we go from London to Italy via rail? If so how long will it take and if I do decide to go ahead, how can I book it via your web page?

    The reson for us opting (apart from saving money) is to be able to appreciate the scenery.

    Would our proposed trip provide us the scenic route via the alps etc?

    Would the trip require us to stay overnight en route?

    Awaiting a speedy reply.

    Thanks in anticipation,
  2. forti6

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    London to Italy by train

    hey Anne, you can definitely go from London to Italy by train! The trip from London to Italy is easy, comfortable, scenic, quick, and inexpensive so, need to fly at all.

    The way to do this trip is as follows: take the Eurostar from London to Paris (takes 2 hours 25 minutes), then travel by Artesia TGV from Paris to Turin or Milan. Then, take the Eurostar Italia high-speed train which will whisk you from Milan to Florence in just 2 hours, Venice in 2½ hours or Rome in 3½ hours.

    If want the scenery of the Swiss Alps, take the Eurostar to Paris and the super fast Lyria TGV to Zurich. Then, take a EuroCity train via the fabulous Gotthard Pass route to Milan, with connections for Florence, Venice, Rome & Naples.
  3. fcAnnie

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    Re: London to Italy by train

    Hey Forti6,

    Friend, Thanks for your suggestion, It seems very interesting and enjoyable..i just go to follows this..but i've some questions about that....can we book this Eurostar online..??
    Is it possible..for my London to Paris journey..And one more thing that we'll reach to paris by Eurostar..and from which station we can get the next Artesia TGV..can we get it from the same place where Eurostar dropped us..and one same question i just want to ask for Eurostar Italia...from where we can get Milan..i just want to separate/adjust my time according to the time distance of next train..
    Plz help me out for the same..

    Thanks and Regards
    Annie Smith

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