Travel advisory in Cass County

Discussion in 'Michigan' started by RedBullCorp, Feb 16, 2015.

  1. RedBullCorp

    RedBullCorp New Member

    Travelers are being asked to stay off the roadways in Cass County due to snow and high winds which is making driving almost impossible in Cass County. I would most certainly avoid this area as I'm told that the Cass County Road Commission has pulled its snow plows from the roads.
  2. Berlinfg

    Berlinfg New Member

    Luckily, the County Sheriff's Office has not issued any far as i know, it's down to folks whether they want to drive or not...of course, common sense would tell you to keep from driving unless travel is absolutely necessary.
  3. wanderer

    wanderer Moderator

    If you're planning on visiting the lakeshore counties (both Upper and Lower Peninsula), always plan ahead. The lake effect snow is very unpredictable (says the person who got stuck in three snow banks last year) and can vary from town to town. It can be clear along one part of the Lake Michigan or Lake Superior shore and a total white out 10 miles later. So if you need some winter driving advice, even this late in the season, just let me know. I spent 20 years in Michigan. Now I"m in Atlanta and I'm not complaining!

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