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Discussion in 'Travel Industry News' started by Taylor_Camp, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Taylor_Camp

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    I just read an article just now (on the Web2Carz website, if you're interested) about the relevance of travel agencies. I haven't used one EVER, and was wondering if any of you travelers still use them? And if so, in what capacity? Am I missing out on something really helpful? I feel like I've always been a "wing it" kind of traveler. Also why spend that extra money?

  2. NokkoValev

    NokkoValev New Member

    do you use a travel agent?

    I totally agree with you Taylor! I only ever used a travel agency once but I have become a savvier traveler over the years. Travel agencies aren't worth the extra money because it's only in their interest to find you the most expensive package. If you really want to get the best deal around you really have to do the leg work, though it isn't so hard nowdays thanks to Kayak, tripadvisor, orbit, etc.
  3. The Travel Slut

    The Travel Slut 6 continents, 87 countries & 64 cruises so far

    This is a great question and while I cannot answer for other countries, I can tell you that vast majority of Travel Agents (TA) in the USA not only can and do save clients both time and money, but can be invaluable during those times when travel plans go astray and help is needed right away.

    Try fixing your Expedia or Kayak or Priceline ticket or booking problem with a vendor and you will be told to contact them--and then try to contact someone at these companies (which are nothing more than unknown and disguised travel agencies).

    That being said, they are great for simple itineraries or bookings like domestic flights, hotels or rental cars----WHEN----the price is right after you have done your research and know what the range of your travel plans involve.

    Also, when was the last time you, or someone you know, "paid for" a travel agent's services? Those that do charge a research fee will often deduct said fee from the total booking amount.

    There are so many horror stories about travel that has gone seriously wrong and the travelers left to figure out solutions on their own and often with more expensive options that could have been avoided.

    Again, a simple flight, hotel, and transportation to a location you are familiar with may not need a TA. But those more complex and involved travel plans that require proper timing and cost analysis---and often in an area that the traveler has never experienced---a TA's expertise, can save money, holiday/vacation time and frustration. There is nothing wrong with enjoying all the planning stages of travel and deciding exactly what you want and then asking a known or qualified TA to meet or beat your findings. If they can, they will and then THEY are responsible to some degree if something goes haywire. If they can't meet/beat the price, then perhaps you truly have a great deal--but you may never know.
  4. fcAnnie

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    I agree with you, but travel agencies are somewhere best way to explore any destination. Though they charge some extra amount but provide goof facilities too. Booking your tour with any travel agency means you don't have to take any kind of tension regarding the hotel or the flight or any other. There are many reputed and trust worthy travel agencies like froottip and tripadvisior.
  5. Vicolette

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    I've not used a travel agent but I'd definitely consider using their services to handle all the leg work and so I'd have a go-to person if any problems arose along the way. If I do my research ahead of time, I'm going to know what the trip should cost, so I don't see any way to get scammed. Paying a little extra for someone else to take care of transportation and accommodations would be worth it for me.
  6. jennychavezz

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    Your agent will be able to help you in the event of unforeseen circumstances. If something goes wrong along the way, you can contact your travel agent, and she will problem solve. For example, if your flight is canceled or delayed due to foul weather, your agent can book you a hotel wherever you have been stranded, and can even arrange for a taxi or limo to transport you from the airport to the hotel.
  7. Destinee Hobbs

    Destinee Hobbs New Member

    We booked with the help of a travel agency last year. I believe that it can be best for first time travelers like us.
  8. Liza F

    Liza F New Member

    I use travel agencies and tour operators for a good itinerary. Yes, it's costly, but the good thing about it is you will not waste your time booking hotels, checking for the best attractions, and sometimes, even private vehicles. So it is still one of the best options if it is your first time to visit a certain place/country.
  9. The Travel Slut

    The Travel Slut 6 continents, 87 countries & 64 cruises so far

    Can I
    Can I ask-----Did you pay a fee for the services of a travel agent and was any fee deducted from your cost after booking or did you hire a travel agent to get the info and details and then just book your trip online?

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