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Discussion in 'Travel Industry News' started by d360, Mar 3, 2007.

  1. d360

    d360 Administrator

    We had many requests from Travel Agents and Travel Industry experts to start a section discussing topics relating to the online travel industry. So here it is! Please post your questions and commentary.
  2. manuelrodriguez

    manuelrodriguez New Member

    How can I find good travel agent?
  3. lancemaria

    lancemaria New Member

    me too , i want to know some details..
  4. greenopstanley

    greenopstanley New Member


    Thanks for starting this new section as it will help people to find out solutions to travel related problem.
  5. manuelrodriguez

    manuelrodriguez New Member

    I hope to hear those travel agents tips from the experts...
  6. Conti

    Conti New Member

    It'll be best to get a recommendation from someone. Do you know someone that has used one?
  7. The Travel Slut

    The Travel Slut 6 continents, 87 countries & 64 cruises so far

    I believe the 2 best criteria for selecting an agent or specialist are:

    1. Someone that makes themselves accessible at any time to research/plan & book travel. Having an agent that is generally not accessible leads to unanswered questions and unnecessary confusion.

    2. Someone with credibility and honesty. Having an agent that can say "been there, done that" and that can prove it is re-assuring. Having an agent that is looking out for your best interests is important. As an example, if one were to refer a person to the internet to book air travel as it is less expensive than going thru a travel agency, then I would consider the agent is looking out for my best interests. The same goes for an agent that provides options or alternatives.

  8. manuelrodriguez

    manuelrodriguez New Member

    sounds good!
    are u really a travel agent?, well thnks for the tips...
  9. TheExpert

    TheExpert New Member

    Travel agents from around the world that provide specialized services to people with with disabilities. There are many different types of travel agents. You may want to find a "full service agent" that can help you with your flight, hotel, accessible van rental, and anything else you may need. Or if you are willing and able to make those arrangements yourself then you can use a specialized travel agent for a specific trip to Europe, Australia, African Safari's or a disability cruise specialist. We hope this site will assist you in researching the different options that all the agencies offer.
  10. husseycopper

    husseycopper New Member

    I hope you had a good trip.

    I'm planning to go there on 17 oct.. same side North Sikkim.

    Can you help with places to see and good travel agents?
  11. jimmymo

    jimmymo New Member

    I suggest the following places:

    Hee Bermiok

    By the way, as you are traveling there in October it will be the off season. December 24 to January 5 is the high season for all over India.


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