Travel agents to offer big discount in 2009 (Vietnam)

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    Visitors will have the opportunity to take part in domestic tours at cheap prices, following a large-scale promotion campaign by the tourism industry starting January, 2009, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism recently announced. The promotion campaign will last from January to September 2009. So far this year, many hotels have committed to reducing their service prices by 30-50 percent. Vietnamese Airlines has also pledged to provide a special offer on tickets, a decrease of 30-50 percent, for domestic and international flights.

    In addition, the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has worked with airlines and suppliers of transport, tour guide, shopping, food and drink services, encouraging them to join in the promotion campaign with the aim of luring more holiday-makers.

    The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism has initially chosen 20-30 major travel agents and 100 tours for the promotion campaign.
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    Hey this is a great news! I think ill put Vietnam on my travel list... Hopefully!
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    This kind of promotional schemes are being offered by almost all the travel agents for all the countries. Vietnam has always been popular among the international tourists, so it is the best time to tour this tourist’s heaven.

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